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Latin American

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Generated in Maranhão
da Silva Santos
Son of a mother and a father

Yo no tengo plata 


Artist yes, artist yes
Art? artist? My artist self?
whimsical fag

Stop and do an analysis

One eye in the back, one in front
Losing is also part
The camera is behind us
Not even God knows how to deal with himself 

"Gustavo, listen more and talk less"

Take the bus with your hand on your heart
Looking at the camera without leaving the wagon
One step back another step forward

What do you do in the name of Jesus? 

Gustavo da Cei

Gustavo da Ceilândia
gu gu gu da Cei
Gu da Cei
Gu da Cei yes
Gu da Cei no
Gu da Cei nothing with nothing
Gu da Cei everything

Gu da Cei pleasure


Gu da Cei He is the son of Maranhão natives, a visual artist, cultural producer, curator at Galeria Risofloras, a bachelor's degree in Communication and a master's degree in Visual Arts from the University of Brasília. He develops his artistic work within the scope of urban intervention, installation, poetry, performance and video, in addition to seeking to understand the dialogical possibilities between historical and contemporary processes of photography, as well as its exhibition and circulation spaces. Discusses surveillance, image, right to the city and public transport. Won Prince Claus Seed Awards 2023 and the 3rd Transborda Brasília Contemporary Art Award. He is part of the coordination of the Foto de Quebrada Festival and some of his works can also be seen in the book "O Direito Achado na Rua: Critical Introduction to the Right to Communication and Information".


DATA+ART. Counties. Montevideo, Uruguay. 2023.

MUAMBA: Brazilian Traces of Movement. Cruel Ruby. London-UK. 2023.

In Medium #15. Honestino Guimarães National Museum. Brasilia DF. 2023.

What I didn't see on the streets, I will see again. Christina Jucá Gallery. Brasilia DF. 2023.

Small Exhibition Maranhão Brasília. The Pilaster. Guará-DF. 2023.

Photography Festival. Honestino Guimarães National Museum. Brasilia DF. 2023.

Panorama of Contemporary Art. Curitiba Biennial. Curitiba-PR. 2022.

DiverCidade. Metro-DF. Brasilia DF. 2022.

Curtametralha Show: cinema and action. Cinema Humberto Mauro. Belo Horizonte-MG. 2022.

National Salon of Contemporary Art in Goiás. MAC Goiás. Goiânia-GO. 2022.

Watú is not dead! Institute of Brazilian Studies/USP. Sao Paulo-SP. 2022.

One and many Brasílias: 62nd anniversary. Home Gallery. Brasilia DF. 2022.

Dissonant looks. Brasilia -DF.  2021.

Hercule Florence Festival of Photography. Campinas, sp. 2021.

indulge. TCU Cultural Center. B rasília -DF. 2020.  

Brasilia at work. Index Gallery. Brasília-DF. 2020.  

The exception and the rule: urban emergencies. UFBA. 2020.  

Plural Festival. Brasília -DF. 2020.  

Festival Cage of the Violent. 2020.  

displacements. Casa Gallery. Brasília-DF. 2020.  

Triangular: art of this century. Niemeyer House. Brasília-DF. 2019.

My fears. Renato Russo Cultural Space. Brasília-DF. 2019.

Brasilia Mapping Festival. Honestino Guimarães National Museum. Brasilia DF. 2019.

Greatness of the Infinite. Gallery 406. Brasília-DF. 2019.

#17.ART. Honestino Guimarães National Museum. Brasília-DF. 2018.

Overflow Catalog. The Pilaster. Guará-DF.  2018.

Trajectories and Drifts. Renato Russo Cultural Space. Brasília-DF. 2018.

Transborda Brasilia. Caixa Cultural. Brasília-DF. 2018.

Love Link Synk. Edf. Texas. Recife-PE. 2018.

Occupy. House of Culture of Latin America. Brasília-DF. 2018.

Factory.Lab. Factory of idea. Vitória-ES. 2017.  
Hybrid Space. Monster House. Samambaia-DF. 2017.
TUBURBAN. House of Culture of Latin America. Brasilia DF. 2017
idle City. Faculty of Communication-UnB. Brasília-DF. 2017.  
Everyday Intolerances. BCE-UnB Gallery. Brasília-DF. 2017
VI Post-happening. Pilot Space Gallery. Brasília-DF. 2017.


Watch, body-transport! Risoflora Gallery. Ceilândia-DF. 2022


Prince Claus Seed Awards. Amsterdam. Netherlands.2023.

50th Luiz Sacilotto Contemporary Art Salon. Santo André-SP. 2022.

FAC Brasília 60. Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the DF. Brasília-DF. 2020.

7th EDP Prize in the Arts. Tomie Ohtake Institute. Selection. São Paulo-SP. 2020.

17th Art Territory of Araraquara. Fundart. Araraquara-SP. 2020.

Transborda Brasília – Contemporary Art Award. Brasília-DF. 2018.


Destination Ceilândia (2019). House of Culture of Latin America. 2019. 

Circuit (2016); Access images (2020); Biometrized Paranoia (2020); History of Ceilândia told by pioneers (2021). Honestino Guimarães National Museum. 2023.


Critical Technological Awareness. Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research (CAD+SR). Casa do Povo-SP. 2023.

Cocoon. Female Factory. Campinas-SP. 2020.

Mobile Residence. House of Culture of Latin America. Brasília-DF. 2018.


Cryptobaile Art Exhibition. Risofloras Gallery. Ceilândia-DF. 2023.

For the broken, solo by Dio Carvalho. Risofloras Gallery. Ceilândia-DF. 2022.

obrazildoesn’t knowobrazil. fromCurators. Brasília-DF. 2021.

Art Occupation Program. Galeria Risofloras/Galeria Index. Brasília-DF. 2021.

Ceilom (bra). Risofloras Gallery. Ceilândia-DF. 2019.

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